Information Services and Advertising Opportunities

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Information Services and Advertising Opportunities

Custom Visual Surveys – Shopper Insights

In-store surveys collect visual merchandising metrics – what the consumer sees when they look at product. Is the brand distinguished with prominent shelf or floor placement, competitive pricing, engaging manufacturer point-of-sale material, a range of package sizes or features? “Quality” stocking induces consumer purchase of your product over a competitor. For CPG products, 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store, so standing out is critical. Our trained staff of mystery shoppers have experience in multiple industries. Programs can be overt or covert and may include retailer engagement in addition to visual observation. We will visit your key accounts in any region of the country, or we can build a custom sample for you.

Digital Surveys

Digital surveys are a cost-effective tool for gathering specific information that you need to gain insights into a business issue. Opt-in surveys can be designed to use your customer list or our highly targeted B2B and B2C subscribers. We provide the complete solutions, list development, scripting, invitations, reminders, data compilation and analysis. Our industry expertise includes:

  • Off-premise – over 106K through circulation and direct communication
  • On-premise – 107K
  • Control States – 13K

Specialty Advertising

We offer a unique opportunity to advertise in our annual Beverage Information Group Handbook series. Our five titles are the definitive source for US alcohol consumption and regulations. Share your company’s heritage Acknowledge industry partners and performance Highlight executive leadership Announce expansion plans and new product lines. Inside front and inside back covers are available, full page and 4-color. Our Handbooks are purchased annually by leading firms in many industries: beverage suppliers and wholesalers, trade and consulting groups, financial and investment firms, libraries and hospitality institutions. Click here for Beverage Information Group Handbook series

Outbound Telemarketing

Our team of skilled telemarketers are equipped to interact with your customers to assess the quality of your products or services, to understand their purchase intent, or their instore or online experience. Whatever first-hand information you need to know, our team can extract that, in a friendly, conversational manner. Services include scripting, testing, outbound calls, callbacks, data compilation, and analysis.

Mobile Wine Tasting Notes App

Get the recognition your winery deserves with banner sponsorship of Our WineStars mobile app. Designed for retailers and wine connoisseurs, WineStars is a searchable compendium of years’ worth of wine tasting notes published in our B2B publications, Cheers and Beverage Dynamics magazines. Reviews are written by our exclusive retailer panel of wine experts. Search by star rating, price, country of origin, varietal and vintage. Retailers can even print the tasting notes for use as a shelf talker. Best of all, WineStars will be featured at our annual Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference in June 2019. Showcase your winery to leading retailer attendees. Click here for WineStars app